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AIU Online - Our accelerated Associate, Bachelor's and Master's programs allow you to earn your degree fast. Marketing, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Visual Communication, Information Technology, Education, Healthcare Management, and more.

Rasmussen College offers small online class sizes, individual attention and an education that is respected throughout the community. Programs include: Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Allied Health, Financial Investigation, Health Information Technician, Business Management, Crime Management, Banking & Finance, Criminal Justice, Call Center Mgmt, Office Management, Child Care, Legal and Criminal Justice. HR Management, Medical Office, Internet Marketing, Management, and more.

Baker College (criminal justice, business management, medical billing and coding, graphic design and animation) The mission of Baker College Online is to provide quality online learning focused on advancing students to the next level of education in the fields of Health Care, Business, Technology and more.

Argosy University has 18 locations across the nation offering undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees in the disciplines of business, education, health science, and psychology and behavioral sciences.

South University Campus established in 1899 now has online distance learning degree programs including Bachelor's degrees in criminal justice, business administration, healthcare and nursing. Master's degrees in criminal justice, healthcare, and business administration.

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When people think of accredited online colleges, they think that they will be self-taught just like the old correspondences courses from the pre-internet age. This is far from the truth. The majority of online colleges require you to log online at least three times a week to participate in classroom discussion or lectures. They also have you participate in the threaded email discussion about the current subject being taught at the university or college.


The biggest reason that college students want to take online degree classes is that it is more convenient. You can log in anytime that you want during the day. Even when you are required to log on three times a week, you pick the time of day. If your job entails a lot of travel, what better way to kill time at an airport? You can advance your education while waiting for the plane or in the hotel room at night. Yes, the convenience advantage of online colleges.


There are a variety of courses that you can take online. This is another big reason that online colleges are so popular. You can take business programs, criminal justice, computer programming, electronics, biomedical, healthcare, art, fashion and hundreds of other programs. Associate degrees, Bachelor degrees, Master degrees, and Doctorates are all available at online universities. With this Variety Advantage you can decide on the program that best fits your interest and that will help you with your career.


Accreditation is a big factor when choosing an accredited online college. Look for colleges that are either, Regionally Accredited or Nationally Accredited. The reason for this is that these colleges are guided and controlled by an Accreditation Commission. This means that they must follow strict guidelines for education and student funding. If they don’t follow the guidelines of Accreditation they can be in jeopardy of closing programs at the colleges or possibly losing government funding for their students.






Ever heard of Networking for jobs? This is the perfect place to do it. Why, you ask? Many companies have their employees take online classes to improve their skill levels. Most online degree classes have between 20-30 people in each class. That is 20-30 possible Networking opportunities for jobs. Each new class you take will open more opportunities. Find out where these people work and find out if the have any employment openings.


Online classes last between 5-8 weeks and most are accelerated programs. This is great if you want to get your degree very quickly. There are military personnel overseas that are taking online classes so that when they get out, they already have their universit degree. Some MBA programs are less than 18 months and can move you up to the next level in your career. So these are the advantages of online.accredited colleges and university degrees.


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