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Recent studies have shown more strongly than ever that getting an associate degree online is one of the smartest investments in the future a high school graduate can make. Traditionally many people have felt that an associate degree is just a stepping-stone to a bachelor degree, but this is quickly becoming the exception rather than the rule. Today's students can get an associate degree online that puts them in the workforce sooner, costs less and is more targeted to their career choice.

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International Academy of Design and Technology

IADT Online emphasizes a student-centric approach to academics with an emphasis on helping creative individuals identify their professional dreams, design the career path that can help them get there and succeed in today's modern, creative workplace.

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Colleges that offer Associate Degrees

Kaplan University
Ashford University
Colorado Technical University
Strayer University
Westwood College DeVry University
Rasmussen College
The Art Institutes
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Associate Degree Programs