What Is A FAFSA?
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What is a FAFSA?

by CollegeDegreeFinder.com

A FAFSA is an acronym for "Free Application For Student Aid". This is a form that once it is filled out, determines your eligibility for Financial Aid. Everyone who applies for financial aid needs to fill one out. Otherwise the college would not be able to determine how much financial aid you receive.

Independent or Dependent?

Dependent is anyone:

Under the age of 24
Who has not been in the military
Is not currently married
Do not have children that they support
That is not an orphan or ward of the court
Independent is anyone:

Over the age of 24
Who has been in the military (DD214s) required.
Have children that they support
Is currently married
Is an orphan or ward of the court

Now What?

You can fill out a FAFSA one of two ways. First, you can do the paper application that you received from the college. Or the most convenient way to do it, is on the Internet. Just go to FAFSA - US Department of Education FREE Application for Federal Student Aid Web Site. There isn't any cost involved with filling out this form.

Warning if you go to a website that wants you to pay a fee to fill out your FAFSA, DON'T DO IT, it's a scam. The link above is the free one from the government.


The FAFSA needs to be renewed every year. The school year runs from July-June every year. The financial aid office will have the student start renewing their FAFSAs as early as March or April.

What Types of Financial Aid is Available?

The first misconception about financial aid is that it covers everything. In most cases it does not. But, don't let that discourage you from attending college. The education will be well worth the investment.




The second misconception is that scholarships are included in Financial Aid. The answer is yes and no. Scholarships are a separate entity and are usually packaged with financial aid if it is a scholarship from that college. Outside scholarships from private resources usually are not packaged with Financial Aid.

rants are based on how much money was earned the previous calendar year. This is free money given to students that are low income students.

Stafford Loans

Are government loans that need to be repaid. How repayment works: you don't pay anything while attending school. Six months after you graduate repayment begins. The loans need to be repaid in 10 years or less.

Private Loans

The remainder of your tuition will be covered by private lenders or cash out of your pocket, depending on how much money you saved. These student loans have a higher interest rate than the Stafford Loans since they are private loans.

There a many more avenues out there to pay for college. Here is a link to a few. http://www.CollegeDegreeFinder.com/fa.html


College Funds


Financial Aid

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What Is A FAFSA?
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