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AIU Online - Our accelerated Associate, Bachelor's and Master's programs allow you to earn your degree fast. Marketing, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Visual Communication, Information Technology, Education, Healthcare Management, and more.

Rasmussen College offers small online class sizes, individual attention and an education that is respected throughout the community. Programs include: Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Allied Health, Financial Investigation, Health Information Technician, Business Management, Crime Management, Banking & Finance, Criminal Justice, Call Center Mgmt, Office Management, Child Care, Legal and Criminal Justice. HR Management, Medical Office, Internet Marketing, Management, and more.

Baker College (criminal justice, business management, medical billing and coding, graphic design and animation) The mission of Baker College Online is to provide quality online learning focused on advancing students to the next level of education in the fields of Health Care, Business, Technology and more.

Argosy University has 18 locations across the nation offering undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees in the disciplines of business, education, health science, and psychology and behavioral sciences.

South University Campus established in 1899 now has online distance learning degree programs including Bachelor's degrees in criminal justice, business administration, healthcare and nursing. Master's degrees in criminal justice, healthcare, and business administration.

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Articles on Education

  • The Advantages of Online Colleges

    When people think of accredited online colleges, they think that they will be self-taught just like the old correspondences courses from the pre-internet age. This is far from the truth. The majority of online colleges require you to log online at least three times a week to participate in classroom discussion or lectures. They also have you participate in the threaded email discussion about the current subject being taught at the university or college. <More>

  • Why Should Your Student Study Extra Hard For The SAT

    Three hours and forty-five minutes!” that’s what Julie said when I told her how long the New SAT was.

    “And I have to study Critical Reading, Vocabulary, Math, Grammar and Writing!” she added.

    “Yes,” I said. You’ve got to study all of that.

    “Well, I’ll just prioritize by focusing on the important stuff like the Math, Reading, Vocabulary and Grammar. The essay’s only 25 minutes of the test. It can’t affect my score that much right?” <More>

  • Valuable Audio Resources for Teachers

    Are you a first year teacher? Have you taught in the past and are returning to the classroom? Do you crave knowledge about specific tips and tricks that will help your school year run smoothly? You might be brand new to the education scene or have a few years of teaching under your belt. Either way you can learn from teachers, professors, and educators with years of experience in the field of education through audio books. <More>
  • 10 Leadership Qualities +1

    Great Leaders are optimists first and foremost. Their tendency is to interact according to Henry Ford's observation, "whether you think you can or think you can't - you are right." Because the buck must stop somewhere and because the dynamic of authority dictates that all delegated authorities are themselves subject to authority, they understand that being a leader is far more than a title. <More>

Articles on Education

  • What Is A FAFSA?

    A FAFSA is an acronym for "Free Application For Student Aid". This is a form that once it is filled out, determines your eligibility for Financial Aid. Everyone who applies for financial aid needs to fill one out. Otherwise the college would not be able to determine how much financial aid you receive. <More>
  • Investing for Education

    With higher education tuition increasing at double digit year over year percentages an effective saving plan for your kid’s education is becoming much more important than it has been before. Most families will discover that their future higher education costs will be much more than they have saved for their kid’s education. <More>
  • Distance Learning Strategies

    Distance learning has opened doors for many students, especially for those who cannot afford to pay for the high fees of full-time courses. Although online distance learning courses have many advantages over on-campus degree courses, many factors come into play in order to make this a success for students. <More>
  • What Is A College Degree Worth?

    “And once earned, a college degree is forever, as the payoff from higher education can never be erased, broken, or laid off.”

    It was estimated by the US Census Bureau that a bachelor degree holder earns approximately $2.1 million over 40 years of his working life. The drastic truth is that a college graduator can expect to earn nearly a million dollar more than his school-educated neighbor does.<More>
  • What Can You Learn From Attending Film School?

    There are advantages and disadvantages to attending conventional university film school programs. Some students claim that traditional film school courses focus almost entirely on filmmaking theory whereas many of the more contemporary film schools pay more attention on actually practicing the various skills of filmmaking. <More>



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